Closet with clothing organized by color and size with center island in Wilmington, NC

We take pride in providing the highest quality products and highest level of customer service. We are on our way to becoming one of the leading custom closet manufacturers and installers in the Wilmington and south eastern North Carolina area. Our in house team handles everything from the design consultation , fabrication, and lastly installation. 

Many of our clients often wonder about the different closet types and sizes and often are asking one of the four questions below.

  • What makes a walk-in closet?
  • What size can a walk-in be?
  • What is the cost of a custom closet?
  • Is customization of closets available?


What Makes A Walk-In Closet?

At its core, if you can step into a closet then it is accepted as a walk-in closet. It is a room that you must walk into so that you can access items being stored inside it. The entrance of a walk-in closet is typically located adjacent to a bedroom or bathroom. The possibilities are endless when it comes to configurations and will vary in shape and size and potentially could include angled or sloped walls or ceilings.

This is different than a reach-in closet as they are commonly accessed by sliding or opening the door and have everything you need within arm’s reach. They are mostly found in children rooms or as a coat closet.


What Size can a walk-in be?

The smallest that a closet can be an still be considered a walk-in is 4 feet deep by 4 feet wide. This would be a very small walk-in but it would allow space for cabinets, shelving, and hanging areas while still leaving room for an occupant to be standing in the room. The standard currently being used is to not have a walk-in closet that is smaller than 8 feet deep by 6 feet wide. The size from there is only limited by your construction budget with some closets being bigger than a one bedroom apartment. These massive closets include features such as closet island as there is sufficient room for a pathway on all sides of the island.


A reach-in closet that have folding doors are typically five to six feet wide while being three feet deep. If you have a reach-in for a coat closet the size will most likely be between two to three feet wide by three feet deep.


While these are standards that we see in many homes being built today we encourage you to contact us so that we can come to your home and get precise measurements of the area and go through your options that you have for optimizing the space.


What is the Cost of a Custom Closet?

With each component of your closet being designed, manufactured, assembled, and installed by our team rather than being mass produced in a factory it is difficult to give a cost as it will depend on the size, finish, style and cabinetry options. What we can say is that previous customers have found our prices to be comparable to big box store prices when accounting for installation and our workmanship warranty. Our typical projects will start in the hundreds and then can go from there.

To find out what your closet organization system will cost reach out to us and our design team will be in contact to schedule your in-home evaluation. During this time we will review the options and give you and exact cost and also time-line for when the work will be able to be completed.


Is Customization of Closets Available?

Of course! We offer standard packages as a starting point and to get your mind thinking about how your current space can be optimized for organization. Once we begin evaluating the space and budget we have to work with, the configuration or shelves, drawers, and cabinets will be a custom closet product made specifically to your needs. If that pile of shoes needs more shelves to display top of the line high heels or you need more rods to hang freshly pressed suits and dresses we will be sure that you are completely satisfied that every inch of spaces was utilized to its max potential.