Raw material ready for fabrication of custom closet installation
Material that has been cut and ready for assembly of custom closet insert in wilminton
Assembled custom closet insert to be installed in wilmington

Wondered how custom closets are made right here in Wilmington?

Above you can see how our process starts. On the left you have the incoming raw materials and the CNC router in the background. Not shown is our powerful design software that takes your organization ideas and converts them into individual components. Those components are then converted into machine code that is sent to the router that cuts all of the pieces needed for your custom closet shelving. 

The middle photo shows the end result of the pieces that come off of the router. While they may look ready for use there is still another step before they can be assembled. The routing or cutting process leaves the edges unfinished and trim must be added to ensure a clean and finished look once all the parts are assembled.

The photo on the right shows a fully assembled and ready to install unit. This unit is replacing a single hanging rod for a reach in closet. We were able to fully maximize the space available to us and create a solution that was exactly what the client needed. 

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