Beautiful classical country style kitchen shelves and spices rack for meal prep in Wilmington

A new pantry has benefits beyond more storage capacity, if properly designed it can be set up so that meal prep quick and easy which saves you time and hassle throughout the week. This not only is easier on your wallet but will also make sure that you always have the right food ready when you are hungry and don’t reach for the Oreo’s instead. This is accomplished through the various options outlined below.

Pantry Accessories
Simple accessories such as clear containers with airtight lids will make sure that you always know how much of something is left such as spices, cereals, and baking products while also keeping them fresh. Keeping your pantry spotless does not happen by accident and we can help by making custom made drawers that will automatically categorize your containers.

Customized Pantry Prep Stations
If you are lucky enough to have a large walk in pantry we can build in counter space that can be utilized for food prep or simple cooking tasks. This keeps your counters clear while entertaining guests and can also be divided up for tasks like coffee, vegetable and fruit prep, school lunches, and baking areas.

Variety of Shelf Sizes
Installing deep shelves may take full advantage of the space you have but it can also create a place for things to hide and the only thing worse than not having room to keep your groceries is having the space and letting them sit there so long that they expire and you have to through them away. By placing shallow shelves in the pantry it is easier for you to see what you have and prevent that food from expiring. Along with some shallow shelves we can also install roll-out baskets that can hold a variety of pantry items while making them accessible.

Second Refrigerator
While your pantry may have traditionally only been used to store dry goods we have found that adding a small second refrigerator comes in handy to keep prepped meals for dinner parties, lunch for work, or school lunches. This keeps the main fridge organized and not over-packed while also allowing people to quickly grab what they need without having to move a gallon of milk, orange juice, and risk dropping last nights left overs while trying to grab their lunch for the day.

As believers of continuous improvement we feel that there is always a better option for how your kitchen pantry space can be utilized. From Sunset Beach to Surf City and all places in-between Top Shelf Closet is one of the areas best custom designed pantry providers.