Working at home using living room coffee table to get work completed

Before the Coronavirus outbreak of 2020 you may have never imaged working from home. Now that you have started the process you are probably wishing you had a home office or at least a dedicated work space to be able to store off of your documents and your computer. You are probably finding yourself using any flat surface that is not the floor as your workspace, which could be the living room coffee table or dining room table. 

This is a challenge that many have faced before and more will face in the future, the challenge of having a productive work environment while also being flexible enough to work around the family demands of eating at the table and playing in the living room. If any of this sounds familiar here are a few ideas that can help when designing dedicated work spaces in the home without the addition of a home office.

From the table to the Wall

While the dining room table can provide ample real estate for all of your documents, folders, and electronics it can be cumbersome to continuously pack and unpack all of this at the end of your workday to make room for a family meal. You can resume using your table for meals by utilizing empty space on the wall as an efficient home office area. By having a custom built wall unit installed you will now be able to store all of your binders, books, and folders neatly without creating clutter in the rest of your home. This same unit can provide a flat workspace to be used as a desk that can be solely dedicated to working. No longer will you have to un-plug and stow away all of your work essentials at the end of the day. They can be left our so that you can have a quick and seamless start to the next day.

If your dining room is not an option and you are considering your living room for where you will work from home think about reclaiming unused space in your entertainment center. By creating custom built-ins into your entertainment center it can become the perfect place to work from home. One extra benefit that you can take advantage of when using this space is that you can hook your TV up as a second display further optimizing your productivity. Our team of designers will work with you to determine the optimal viewing angles and TV mounting options so that you can take full advantage of the space available to you.

Hidden Closet Workspaces

Is there a small utility closet near your bonus or living room? If so you can use this closet and install custom shelving to turn your bonus or living room into a multifunctional office area. Starting from ground level we can build a unit that has drawers to keep all of your documents safe and secure. On top of this a tabletop can be mounted to keep your laptop or monitor. By also incorporating custom shelving adjacent to the monitor area you can still store pantry and utility items or keep spare home office items such as paper and pens.

When its time for the work day to begin simply open the door and bring a comfy chair. Once it is time for the workday to end you can simply close the door to hide all of your office supplies thus transforming the area back into a living room for the kids to play in. Our organization experts at Top Shelf Closet can assist you to create a unique custom closet that will maximize your space.

Whether your choice to work from home was voluntary or forced, having a multi-functional room for day-to-day life and work can be achieved when you invest in the correct organizing and storage solutions. Remember you don’t have to take up the whole living room or dining table if you have custom entertainment cabinets, wall units, or custom closets built and installed to keep your work files, technology, and folders. Contact us for your free in home design consultation and estimation.