It happens to us all. You move into your new house and marvel at all the counter space you’ll have for food prep and then out of nowhere it’s gone. You think to yourself what happened it looked so big when we walked through the open house. If your like most of us you have fallen victim to the dreaded appliance creep. All the food-processors, pasta machines, stand mixers, coffee maker, microwave, toaster oven, air fryer, and the list could continue to go on and on and on. They come from wedding showers, 2am infomercials, or mother-in-laws that say you just have to try this. Regardless of where they come from you just need a place to put them so that you can finally get back some of that precious counter space.

Home appliances. Set of household kitchen technics isolated on white background. Microwave oven, vacuum cleaner,  iron blender and teapot.
We provide custom built solutions to help you tackle the kitchen appliance clutter that just seems to continually get worse.

Extra Shelving

Is there a wall nearby that is empty or maybe that you have a mirror or other piece of art hanging? If so consider adding extra shelving to this wall that can be combined with you current cabinets to create more space. Place your fancy appliances on display to make others ask where did you find that while also freeing up counter space to do what it was made for, Cooking!

Dedicated Spaces

With a background based in lean manufacturing our founders lived by the rule of a place for everything and everything in its place. When this rule is not followed you end up with a cluttered kitchen that makes the cooking process stressful instead of enjoyable.

Look Up

Not only will cabinets and shelves that go to the ceiling create the feeling of taller ceiling height it also is one of the most under utilized spaces in the home. Does the pasta maker you use twice a year really need to be within an arms reach at all times? We think not and but also understand that you may be hesitant to use taller shelving because it will place items out of reach. Options are available for pull down shelving or you could take the simpler solution of having a folding stool that is neatly tucked away and only used when you need it.

Hang Appliances when possible

If your appliances are small enough or light enough to be stored by hanging them on a hook inside your pantry either on the bottom of shelves or inside cabinets consider this as an option instead of leaving them on counter tops. One rack of hooks can handle multiple things such as mixer attachments or handheld blenders while leaving your counter and drawers available for other items.

Consolidation Consideration

With new appliances coming out nearly every day take a look everything you have to see if they can be replaced with options that have multiple uses. Things such as a pressure cooker that can also be an air fryer or slow cooker. Having a stand mixer that is also a pasta maker. A quick search will give you endless possibilities for kitchen accessories that can replace and free up space in your pantry by having multiple roles and uses.

Get on Island Time

When you imagine relaxing you probably picture a tropical paradise which is about as far away from your current kitchen set-up that you can think of. De-cluttering is known to put your mind at rest and make meal prep an easier more enjoyable task. An island provides not only extra counter space but also extra storage underneath. If your kitchen is spatially challenged and cannot accommodate a full island then consider a rolling cart that can be stored against a wall or inside your custom pantry when not in use.

To learn more or schedule an in house consultation reach out to your local closet and storage experts from Top Shelf Closet.