In the past you may have been quoted what seemed like an exorbitant amount to have a custom closet built for your bedroom, kitchen, office, or garage but let us go through why going the DIY route may not be the best idea. Other companies may have only quoted their highest option package which drove the price up or they may not have given you all of the options available that could potentially bring down the price. We know that by getting our professional help you will end up with a better product than if you tried building on your own. Below we lay out some reasons that building a custom closet yourself may not be as affordable or easy as some will make it out to be.

Built-in shelving unit for reach-in closet in Wilmington

Time is Money

Even if you have a small space creating a custom closet is time-consuming. The process begins with you making precise measurements of the area to know what standard sizes can and what cannot fit. Once you have the measurements then you must design a functional layout that not only fits your space but also is available for purchase. Once you have settled on a design that you can get the components for then you will need to go and purchase the materials and also any specialty tools needed to complete the job. Now you can begin to put in the time to construct the storage system, which you may find to be hard work. During the assembly process you will spend time watching tutorials and reading instructions so that your closet actually looks like what you planned in step 2. There is nothing worse than getting an entire section assembled only to find that the first piece you put together was turned around backwards and now the finished edge is not pointing out and you have to start the assembly process over again. Now that you finally have the closet system put together, which took twice as long as you thought, your still not done because you must clean up the area before you can call this project complete and mark it off the honey-do list.

If it Can Go Wrong it Will

This is most likely the first time you will be building a closet and because of that you will end up making mistakes. These will only be compounded if you choose options that complicate the design or you have a large room that requires multiple assemblies. Depending on the severity of the mistake you may not be able to fix it on your own which creates the need to call a professional. It will always cost more to fix someone else’s mistake as you must first figure out what happened to cause the issue. Hopefully your project has not created collateral damage as your home insurance policy may not cover the damage or your deducible may be higher than you thought.

Depreciation of home value

With a house being one of the biggest investments you will make in a lifetime, you will most likely want to avoid anything that could decrease it’s market value. We have been called numerous times to give an estimate to potential home buyer for what the cost will be to remove a DIY home construction project and replace it with out professionally installed systems. Typically the cost of this is taken into account during the negotiation process and has even kept some homes from selling. Even if you are an expert carpenter you must also be aware of current styles that are attracting buyers attention to be sure that your home will not have an outdated design. Since you were the one who put together the organization system from different components you will know how to work the drawer to get it open or that you must close this door before opening that one. This may work for you but for anyone else its just a pain that they will have to live with until it is fixed and no one likes to inherit/purchase someone else’s problems.

Before deciding to build your own home storage system or custom closet call Top Shelf Closet so that we can give you a free consultation about the best use of your space. We have years of experience in this field and can have built organization systems in all styles, shapes, and sizes. You can choose from multiple materials and hardware options to achieve the perfect design that will function as intended but also be within your budget.