Cost of a Custom Walk-in closet with built-in shelving and drawers for storage of clothes

If you have found your way to this page you are evaluating having a custom closet organization system installed in your home. A good question to ask when starting down this path is how much do custom closets cost. That is where things can get complicated. By nature no two custom closets are the same, which means that each one requires it’s own price. We can however give ranges for what different options will cost you and how much per linear foot your closet will be. Our basic installations for a reach-in closet start around $900. We have seen walk-in closets cost $40,000 or more but these included the highest quality finishes and features. On average the price paid for a unique closet organization system will range between $2,500 to $4,500.

Having an organized closet is critical for any bedroom so that you can start your day relaxed and ready to go. You can quickly become stressed by entering an area without order due to lack of space and organization. By not having a logical system implemented, items will go missing right when you need them making it harder to assemble the correct outfit for the day. It may seem insignificant but this time can really start to add up as you waste more and more time sorting through your wardrobe.

Does this sound like you every morning or evening before going out? If so an overhaul of your closet is in order, but back to your original question, how much is this closet renovation going to cost.

There are multiple options available from full DIY to hands off installation by a local custom closet professional. This article should help you in your decision making process.

Do it Yourself Closet System

The DIY approach is certainly the easiest on your wallet.

You don’t have to be a master carpenter to be able to improve the organization of your closet. With a limited budget you can still make improvements. These include better utilization of hangers, shelves, and boxes. These simple items can keep your clothes neatly organized while requiring minimal skills to install. Other simple solutions are to sort through anything not in season and either store it or donate it. Donating your clothes could even get a tax break that would offset the cost of any shelves you have to buy.

There are numerous closet kits that can be purchased at big box home improvement stores. These kits start for as little as $150 but can range to over $1500 depending on the options selected. Since these are generic kits you will need to be sure all your measurements are accurate and the kit will fit your closet. It is very frustrating to spend hours putting the kit together and then find it won’t fit through your door. You will need to check the box for any specialty tools needed for assembly and installation. If it does, purchase these tools while at the store to avoid multiple trips. You will need to closely follow all instructions to avoid unnecessary assembly steps. The DIY approach cost the least amount of money but read this article to find out the other costs associated with self installation.

Professional Installations

If you are shorter on time or skill than you are on money, a professional installation of your closet organization system, like the ones pictured below, may make more sense.

Detail of large walk in closet with modern wardrobe on hangers that are placed on custom shelving and drawers
Brown closet with bench and fully organized wardrobe and custom lighting

Budget, time or skill, are not the only reasons a DIY solution will not work for you. In certain situations a off the shelf unit just will not fit the space you have available. By working with a professional during the design process you gain the flexibility to utilize every inch of space available exactly how you want it. The designer can also provide options on how to save money or add functionality depending on your budget.

Design Process and Cost

This process starts by taking measurements of the available space and then discussing options the various styles offer. These options include type of material, hardware finishes, number of drawers/shelves, and amount of space used. After the details are finalized your organization system will be manufactured and professionally installed. The cost for this will start at $100 per linear foot and increase with different finishes and options. The standard 6ft x 6ft closet with shelving on three walls would be 18 feet of organized cabinets and start at a cost of $1,800. This same closet can increase to over $4,000 if the owner adds custom molding and hardwood finishes.

When compared to a do it yourself installation the quality of a professional installation will be much higher but this comes at an increased cost. Do your research prior to committing to a contractor by getting multiple estimates. This will give you an idea of what to expect and ensure that you are not overpaying. Be sure to get written estimates that include total cost and time frame that the project will be completed. Never pay in full prior to completion of the project to avoid issues with completion. You can also discuss the option of you purchasing a kit and having them do the installation to save a few dollars by not going completely custom.

So How Much Do Custom Closets Cost?

As you can see from the information above the answer is it depends. For a starting point of the cost you can measure how many linear feet of closet space you are wanting to install an organization system on and multiply by 100. Using this math you will find that a standard 6ft x 6ft closet will start at $1800 for three walls of shelves. Increase the size of the closet to a 10ft x 10ft the same three walls will be 30 linear feet and cost $3,000. This is just a starting point for basic shelving and each of these closests could cost $4,000 to $10,000 respectively.

The answer to is this cost worth it is a personal one we cannot answer for you. Something to consider is how long you intend to stay in the home. If you plan on moving in the near future a complete closet renovation may not be worth the cost. If this is your forever home, investing in a unique custom closet organization system can greatly improve the quality of life you will have for years to come. Are you having trouble selling your home, if so a custom closet system can be the feature that separates your home from others on the market resulting in a sale.

If you’re still on the fence reach out to a local custom closet installer as most offer free, no obligation, design and quotes. This is the only true way to know the answer to “how much do custom closets cost”. Here you can find an article where the individual purchased custom closets for his condo and paid roughly $2,000 per reach-in closet.