Busy corner of an over loaded garage with to much summer gear in wilmington

As summer is approaching you are probably asking yourself where you can store all the new toys and gear that the family is going to acquire when you still haven’t found a good solution for keeping last years equipment. Every time you walk into your garage you can’t get around the clutter of water toy’s, bikes, sporting equipment, pool floats, and exercise equipment. Now is your chance to get organized! By thoughtfully organizing your summer toys you can gain much needed floor space and who knows maybe even be able to park in your garage again by following the following methods.


If you haven’t went through the items in your garage recently this is a great opportunity to go through and clean out! It may seem daunting at first but start by having three groups: Keep, Store, Trash. After you have decided what group each item will be in take the trash to the landfill before it has a chance to make it back inside. For the store group you can use a offsite storage facility or maybe a shed in the backyard. For items that are going to kept make sure that they have a place defined so that they don’t end up in the floor again.


Now that you have sorted through all of your items not you can begin to decide what your storage needs are going to be. During the sorting process you already were able to decide if certain items fit better in other areas of your home but items that are going to be used on a consistent basis should be kept where they are easily accessible. An example of this would be keeping the beach chairs near the door. If you have items that your kids will be using on the beach make sure that they are stored low enough that your children will be able to grab them. This makes for less stuff you have to carry and also teaches them about putting toys back when they are done. As always make sure that you keep dangerous items such as pool chemicals and lawn pesticides out of reach of anyone other than adults.

Storage Cabinets

Not everything you have needs to be on display and some are better off being kept out of sight. You can do this by hiring a reputable home organization and storage company such as Top Shelf Closet to design and build a garage storage system custom tailored to your needs. By storing objects in custom storage cabinets you can keep your garage organized and this in turn will make your garage look less cluttered and bigger! We have found that cabinets are best suited for outdoor cushions, covers, and décor while also being able to keep gardening items like bags of soil, or crafting supplies and other miscellaneous items.

Custom Shelving

An option available to you for garage organization is to install built-in shelving that can keep your summer toys stored and organized until they are needed. We can provide custom options like adding bike racks, sports racks, storage bins, and other various hooks to help control the clutter and making everything easy to find. These shelves are also great options for keeping your holiday décor so that you are not having to get it from the attic every year.

Work Benches

Regardless of if you are gluing back together the home décor that was just dropped or, restoring a car in the garage, you need somewhere work and by having an area with a worktop, drawers, and cabinets you can keep all of your tools stored away and keep the work top available for, ya know, work. There is nothing more frustrating than knowing you have the tool to complete the project but not being able to find it. Along those same lines is having something you need to fix but you don’t have a surface that you can set it down on to be able to work on it. Custom garage work benches solve all of these and more issues.

Efficient Storage and Organization for Summer

We feel that you will find setting aside time to organize your garage with well-planned storage space to be worth the effort and cost associated. It finds a place for all the clutter in your garage while also providing tidy space for you to enjoy. The first step needed is to contact us at Top Shelf Closet so that we can begin the design process with you. We think you will find our solutions more affordable that you may be thinking so don’t hesitate to call for your free consultation.