We build custom storage systems for your garage. 

Often, the garage becomes the main storage area when there’s no more room in the house.  Storing too many things makes piles, causes clutter, and takes more space than necessary, impeding your garage’s original purpose for its usage.  And, the most frustrating part is having to search through everything to find a specific item.  Clutter not only creates a mess, but it causes headaches and undue stress.  So, what do you do about it?  Well, you came to the right place!  We know how to transform your messy and cluttered garage into an organized and workable space.

Top Shelf Closet, located in Wilmington, NC, has mastered the craft of building custom-designed garage storage systems for over 20 years.  Working closely with our customers and using the highest-quality materials, we design the perfect garage storage layout to fit your unique and individual needs.  From the estimation, design, manufacturing, and installation, we do everything in-house, guaranteeing a smooth process, and 100% customer satisfaction. After all, the benefits of having a garage area for storing outdoor stuff, seasonal décor, and a place to work and organize your handy projects.   

Garage storage

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  1. More Organization

If you are someone who collects tools, adding a garage cabinet system is the perfect solution for keeping them safe and accessible.  Garage cabinets and custom shelving can also help organize seasonal decoration and other products, reducing frustration and search time.

  1. Improved Appearance

Adding garage storage cabinets is considered a home improvement, giving an aesthetic upgrade to the garage interior.  Much like the kitchen and bathroom, cabinets and shelving set the tone for an eye-pleasing garage environment.

  1. Eliminates Clutter

Custom garage cabinets and shelving significantly reduce floor clutter and a messy looking-appearance.  Eliminating clutter decreases the risk of tripping over stuff and makes it easier to find stored items and tools.

  1. Increase Garage Safety

Safety hazards increase with disorganized garages.  Tools leaning up against walls, stuff spread out on the floor, and dangerous chemical and toxic materials can pose as safety risks.  Installing a custom-designed storage system makes the garage safer by giving tools, hazardous products, and storage items a home.   

  1. Increased Value of Your Home

All house improvements increase a home’s value, and upgrading the garage with customized cabinets and shelving is no exception.  Offering more storage and organization in the garage is considered a strong selling point for most homebuyers. Therefore, an easy to maintain garage that allows vehicle parking will only add value to the home. 

  1. Create a workspace

Some people have a high interest in having a garage workspace for their craftsman projects and hobbies.  A customized workspace, with a countertop, cabinetry, and shelving, turns the garage into a multi-functional space for the enjoyment of the handy homeowner.

  1. Customized Cabinetry

Custom designed garage cabinets not only organize the space but serves different storage purposes.  Designed cabinets and drawers come in all different sizes and shapes, storing bigger items like snow skis to smaller things, such as nuts and bolts.  No matter the item size, custom cabinetry is the solution to fit all your storage needs.

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