Due to custom pantries, there’s a reason the kitchen is known to be the heart of the home, especially in Wilmington, NC.  It’s where the food is stored, prepared, made, and served to nourish the bodies of everyone who’s eating.  And, when there isn’t enough storage for food and cookware, the heavenly kitchen becomes a cluttered and uninspiring cooking environment.  For pampered chefs, aspiring foodies and family cooks, finding the motivation to cook in a crowded kitchen is a difficult task.  So, if you’re one of those people and looking for a solution, you’ve come to the right place!  Top Shelf Closet builds custom pantry closets and pantry shelving for your storing needs.

Top Shelf is the best custom pantries, closet and storage system company on the East Coast.  We handle every aspect of the business in-house, from the estimation, design, manufacturing, and installation.  Successfully serving the Wilmington, Leland, Hampstead, and South Port areas for over 20 years, we know how to work with all kitchen layouts and sizes.  We’re experts in customizing the perfect pantry that fits your unique style and available space.

Custom Pantries

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  1. Streamlined Meal Prep and Cooking

Some of the most frustrating and stressful mornings are rushing around the kitchen, cooking breakfast, and making lunch for you and your family.  When you don’t know where anything is, or can’t see what’s available, everything becomes overwhelming, especially when you’re in a hurry.  Adding a pantry organizer not only gets your food preparation and storage areas in order, but it streamlines your cooking steps––making it flow, fun, and functional.

  1. A More Organized and Cleaner Kitchen

Storing food on the countertops and pans on the stove tends to be an eyesore when working around the kitchen.  Clutter makes the space seem disorganized and messy, no matter the sparkling countertop surfaces and clean cabinet doors.   With so much to look through and no storage organization system in place, cooking can feel like a daunting task.  Adding a pantry or pantry shelving can dramatically transform the look, feel, and organization of your kitchen.  

  1. Adds Value to Your Kitchen

One of the biggest attractions for potential homebuyers is having enough storage space in the kitchen.  Homeowners value having a functional kitchen so much that putting their homes on the market, in search of a better cooking environment, is a real possibility.   Kitchens are so important these days, becoming the epicenter for socializing and hanging out.  Adding a pantry to your space will only increase the value of your kitchen and keep your guests happy while you’re cooking. 


Top Shelf specializes in custom design pantry closets and shelving.  By working with us, food prepping and cooking will never be the same again, in the most delicious way!

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