We build custom designed closets and closet organizers. 

No matter where you live, closet space is a common frustration among homeowners, including the good people of Wilmington, NC.  With little space or no shelving and drawers to help organize, closets become the black hole for anything that needs a home.  A cluttered closet is a crowded one, whether it’s in the bedroom, bathroom, laundry, or hallway.  But, the good news is, Top Shelf Closet is here to make your closet frustrations disappear.

Top Shelf is the best Carolina custom designed closets company on the East Coast.  Operating for over 20 years, we design and manufacture all our products in-house, using the highest quality of materials and top-notch equipment. Custom unique closets, including shelving, drawers, or anything that fits your storage needs and style, is where our work shines the most.  We know one-size-fits-all doesn’t apply to everyone, especially when it comes to closets and things.  That’s why we work closely with our clients to ensure you get what you want and feel 100% satisfied when it’s complete.  There’s no closet we can’t handle or space we can’t improve.  Top Shelf Closet is the #1 custom closet company, serving the Wilmington, Leland, Hampstead, and

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Walk-In Boutique Closets

Imagine walking into your closet that lays out like a clothing store.  All your clothes are hanging and folded in your eye’s view, with your shoes and accessories on display.   A boutique closet is the kind of luxury homeowners only dream of, but here at Top Shelf, we can make it a reality.  Working within your budget, we specialize in custom boutique closets, and we’ll design the perfect one for you!

Reach-in Closet

Not all homes have the space for a walk-in closet, but that doesn’t mean your closet can’t still be luxurious.  With custom closet organizers, reach-in closets can provide the perfect amount of storage and organization for all your closet needs.  When you work with Top Shelf, your closets will never be dysfunctional and disorganized again. 

Odd Closet Solutions

With decades of experience, we can turn odd-shaped wardrobes, corner closets, and areas used for storage into functional closet space.  When utilizing every square inch available, those oddly shaped closets can become the most important storage places in your home.  After all, closets are like little rooms, and you’ll be amazed at what we can do even in the weirdest spaces. 


You’ll have easy access to everything. If you can see it, you can grab it!

You’ll feel organized. When things are in order, you’ll know exactly where to find it.   

You’ll maximize and utilize your space more effectively. If you have space, use it!

You’ll gain more storage space. Everything deserves a home.

You’ll have peace of mind. Cluttered closets begone!


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