Optimized corner closet with a boutique design

When you choose Top Shelf Closet as your provider of storage and organization solutions that dark room where you kept your clothes can become something much greater. Our expertly crafted designs will display your wardrobe and accessories in such a way  that you will start your day in an inviting and relaxing atmosphere. By following the steps below we will be able to transform your boring closet into a boutique-style retreat.

1.Glass Cabinetry

For that extra touch of elegance and optimal utilization having custom cabinets built will provide a streamlined look while also minimizing clutter. By adding frosted or lightly etched glass you will get a sophisticated look and still be able to look inside and find the exact item you are searching for.


2. Include an Island

A custom built island in the middle of your closet can be a great addition if you have the floor space available. The top surface is a great space for folding clothes or keeping the latest selection of fashion books or candles and perfumes. To take complete advantage of the space make sure to include drawers, cabinets, and other compartments that can organize and store your shoes, bathing suits, or other accessories.


3. Lighting Considerations

During the design process of you boutique closet make sure to consider what your lighting needs will be. Not only can it be used to highlight your wardrobe ,it will emphasize features of your closet and also can be a design focal itself. High-end choices like a chandelier can be the crowning jewel of your luxury dressing room. If you have more of a contemporary style then track lighting or recessed lighting can provide adequate lighting and be an accurate reflection of your style.


4. Stylish Shoe Shelves

Your boutique closet would not be complete without  having a way of displaying your shoes and boots by using our custom shoe storage solutions. We will work with you to make sure it’s an exact match to your collection by letting you pick the size and configuration.


5. Elegant Vanity Dressing Table

We know you will find that your spending more time than ever before in your new boutique closet so be sure to include a vanity table and mirror in the design. This will be your new favorite spot for doing your makeup and styling your hair. We will assist you in selecting the perfect chair or folding stool that will be stored under the table when you do not need it.


6. Accessory Organization

There is nothing that frustrates us more than creating a custom closet system that efficiently organizes all of your clothes only to have a junk drawer created that keeps all of your accessories. Let us know what type of watches, jewelry, or other accessories you are planning on keeping in the space so that we can design drawers with dividers that will neatly keep all of your belongings. A simple, but effective, slide out rack is the perfect storage solution for belts, scarves, or ties while also keeping these items within easy reach.


7. The Final Touches

Your boutique closet design will be complete only after choosing the final details such as cabinet and drawer hardware that is the perfect reflection of your style and preferences.

By implementing all of the above features we guarantee that every time you step into what used to be a typical bedroom closet, you will feel as if you just walked into your favorite boutique style dressing room. With Top Shelf Closet you can take the closet of your dreams and make it simply your closet. Contact us today to get started with a free in home consultation.