View of an organized closet with custom built-in shelving and hanging rods to keep all clothing separated. Wilmington NC

Have you caught yourself watching a reality show or one of the hundreds of home improvement shows and seen a huge walk in closet, that is full of custom shelving and drawers, and thought that’s only for the rich and is not a luxury I can afford? This is where you could be wrong. Not only are Top Shelf Closet organization systems more affordable than you may think they can also improve your quality of life and provide real and measureable benefits.

Let us take you through the multiple lifestyle improvements that can be realized when you have a custom closet designed to meet your specific needs.

1) Decreased clutter

In the world of bigger is better many homeowners are finding that not only is a walk in closet available in many new construction floor plans it has become expected by the customer that at a minimum the master bedroom will have a walk in closet. While this extra space is nice it often only comes with a one shelf wire rack that goes around the perimeter of the closet. Over time  that shelf begins to overflow and now you have clothes, shoes, bags and everything else you can think of scattered across the floor. Every time you get ready you are constantly asking where is my favorite pair of jeans or that shirt was just here how can I not find it. This leads to a starting the day being agitated and stressed. With an organized space though you remove all the noise, you have what you need where and when you need it which leads to your frame of mind being in a better place as you begin your day.

2) You Will Feel (and Look) Better

By organizing your closet every dress, suit, shirt, top, pants, skirt, shoes, and ties will be within reach and in ready to go condition. This newfound easy access to all of your outfits allow you to coordinate spectacular outfits easier than ever before. You’ll be able to step out into the world knowing that you look great and this new confidence in your style will make you feel better as well.

3) Decreased Spending on Clothes Each Month

By having all of your outfits  and accessories available and visible at all times you are less likely to buy multiples of an outfit that you already have. Maybe its not an exact copy but you know that you’ve already got the perfect top to match the pair of shoes your buying. You could also profit from selling some of the clothes your no longer using which will also help to offset the initial cost of the organization system

4) Donating to Others

If you do not feel like going through the hassle of selling your unwanted clothes you can donate them to your local homeless shelter or other charitable organization. This has a double benefit of decreasing the clutter in your life and improving the lives of others along the way.

5) Increased Energy

Once you start to organize your life you will find energy that you could not have imagined having prior to this lifestyle change. If you look at the teachings of Feng Shui a pillar of this thought process is to remove un-necessary clutter from an area to optimize the flow of energy. As you decrease the distractions in your life you will notice your are less stressed and have more energy to begin your day.

6) Increased Storage

When you started reading this you probably thought I just need more shelves to keep everything. One of the more obvious benefits to our systems is that you will gain increased storage capacity. It is the reason most of you began looking at our systems to begin with. You may use this extra space for seasonal clothes, or overflow you have placed in other areas of your home but regardless of what you put in it the extra storage is a welcome addition.

7) Improved Home Marketability

You may have heard the saying that kitchens and master’s are what sell a home. You never know what could come up that could cause you to need to move and when you do organization solutions that make your closet feel like a boutique will ensure that your house is one of the quickest to close as buyers will be fighting each other to purchase.

You probably never thought there were so many benefits to an organization system for your closet, some obvious and some you are just now realizing. Our team of in-house designers, fabricators, and installers are waiting for you to contact us if you need any support in optimizing the space in your pantry, bedroom, hallway, garage, or closets. You can contact Top Shelf Closet to provide a solution that meets your organization and storage needs at an unbeatable price and quality.