There are many things that will bring you to consider installing a wardrobe closet. The main reason is insufficient closet space. This lack of space creates stress through clutter which results in headaches you do not want to deal with. Sometimes you are lacking closet space in your current room or you have a room where a closet never existed.

White wardrobe closet wall unit for bedroom storage of clothing and accesories

This is where we can help by building a custom wardrobe closet for your space. Because we apply the same level of detail and care to a wardrobe as we do to a full closet install you can be sure that you are receiving a quality product. These custom units provide extra space for storing your personal possessions. Because it is custom to your needs the unit can hold things such as clothes, shoes and accessories or items like TV’s, a desk and jewelry. As your room organization increases you will notice your stress level decrease which brings us to our first benefit.

1) Relaxing Environment

It is well known that maintaining an organized space leads to lower stress levels. Installing a wardrobe closet in your bedroom will remove the clutter by giving it a place to stay. The last thing you need when entering into your bedroom are visual reminders everywhere of all the work that remains to be done. This could include laundry, bills, planning an event, etc. By adding furniture, designed specifically for your space, you will have an area to keep all of these items out of sight. Because of this your bedroom will again be the relaxing place to unwind after a long day. Still don’t think clutter is bad? Click here for an article that dives into all the costs associated with clutter.

2) Extra Space

The extra space that you will gain by adding a wardrobe wall unit is another great benefit. Because of the numerous storage options available you will finally have a home for all your hats, shoes, scarves, or folded clean clothes sitting on the bed. You may find that after all of your items have been neatly tucked away you actually have more room than you originally thought. This is a great excuse to go out for some retail therapy!

3) Fully Customizable

Are you in need a place to keep luxurious winter sweaters? Maybe you still need somewhere to store expensive shoes or silk ties. Regardless of the item you need space for we create custom shelving, drawers, hampers, cabinets, tie racks, jewelry boxes, hanging space and any other feature you can think of incorporating into a wardrobe. Let your creative vision of your room take over and we will customize to see that vision through to completion. Incorporating space to mount TV’s, vanities, and even fold away ironing boards can be done to further optimize your wall space.

4) A Place for Everything

Take a deep breath in as your room transforms from chaos to perfection. Specific places for items mean you will no longer have lingering folded laundry, dirty laundry, shoes thrown around, or hats scattered about the home. Organizing these items into a wardrobe closet or wall unit creates harmony and lessens the stress present in your life. You will not believe how many of your belongings a wall unit can safely store, while taking up minimal floor space with its footprint. Spruce up your space through hanging space for pants, shelves for shoes or sweaters, hooks for jewelry, and open shelving for picture frames and other decorations. Get ready to feel relaxed as everything is neatly placed in your custom built in wall unit.

5) Create Dimension

Small rooms no longer feel cramped after the addition of our wardrobe closets.By incorporating a wall unit the room will no longer be a box and have a break in sight lines making it feel bigger. Also, The perceived size increases through addition of mirrors to the outside of the doors creating the visual appearance of more space. Your room will look airy and spacious from the reflecting light bouncing off the mirror. This will become your new favorite mirror to admire yourself in everyday!

6) Accommodating for Odd Shaped Rooms

If you have an odd shaped room, or doors placed inconveniently, you may think a wall unit will not fit. You would be incorrect! By selecting appropriately sized unit and type of doors we can make it happen. Folding, pivoting, or sliding doors bring unique properties that are beneficial for use in rooms with less space. For example, sliding doors maximize space in tiny rooms. Still wondering if your tiny room can accommodate a wardrobe closet? Contact us for a free evaluation of what can be done with your space.

7) Personalized Style

Add your own flair by selecting a custom color theme, material (wood, metal, glass), style and lighting for your customized wall unit. You can choose to go with a contemporary or modern design, or maintain your current style by matching other home decor. Varying textures is another great way to suit your personal tastes. Options could include glass doors with wooden trim, or wood doors with metal hardware. Other options include incorporating LED lighting into the design of your wall unit. Because of the options provided the possibilities are endless for transforming your space and staying within budget.

If a wardrobe closet wall unit is something your considering incorporating into your room, our expert designers can assist your through every step. Get in touch with Top Shelf Closet today so we can turn your dreams into reality!