Children’s Playroom Storage Solutions

The playroom is somewhere that your child will learn while also having fun. You can maximize the space by incorporating quality storage solutions that can keep everything from an abundance of building blocks, games, and puzzles to clothes for playing dress-up organized and in their space. Help your child learn the importance of keeping a clutter-free area by using some of these ideas in their play area.

Organized Colourful children room with white walls and furniture. Rainbow carpet at home interior with a window

1) Window Seat with Built-in Storage

One solution that helps keep the area organized is incorporating a window seat for a convenient place for guests to sit that doubles as storage space. Options include a removable storage bench placed under the window or you can have a more traditional built-in window seat that utilizes shelving on both sides. Regardless of the option you pick by adding a supportive back pillow and comfy cushion it can also function as a reading nook for you or your children. Custom shelving, cubbies, drawers, and containers all add to the functionality of the piece and the custom look of the room.

2) A Traditional Toy Box

In our rushed society you may be tempted to throw all of your child’s toys in a plastic bin and placing them under a bed. While this is a better solution than leaving all of the toys out on the floor we think you will find that the traditional look of a toy box is not only beautiful but one that keeps coming back in style. It is the perfect place to store all of your kid’s things out of sight while also keeping them easily accessible. By adding decorations, such as stickers, bright colors, and carvings, to the toy box you can bring out your, and your child’s, creative side.

3) Adding a Slatted Wall

Slatted walls are typically found in retail stores so you may not be thinking of them when considering storage solutions for your child’s room. We have found slatted walls to be the perfect foundation to create a flexible storage solution that will continue to evolve as your child grows. The simplistic design makes it easy to add clothing bars, baskets, and bins while also being able to adjust shelves so that it will be the perfect solution regardless of what stage of life your child is in. Available in a variety of different colors they can be used as an accent wall in the room or be customized to match your current décor.

4) Storage Island and Play Table

Not enough room to be able to store all of their toys and have a place for them to play with them? If this is the case consider one of our custom built play table’s that has storage space below specifically designed to keep all of their toys organized and off the floor. The table top will offer endless possibilities for putting together puzzles, having tea time parties, or playing with cars and trains on tracks. When not in use it can be tucked into a corner so that it does not take up space in the middle of the room.

5) Custom Closet Organizer

Does your child’s playroom have a dedicated storage closet? If so consider yourself lucky and don’t miss the opportunity of creating a complete toy storage solution that you and your child could only dream of before. By working with a custom closet company such as Top Shelf Closet we will assist you in designing and building an organizer that will use a combination of cabinets, shelves, and drawers to ensure everything has a place in your child’s closet. If you have hobbies or crafts don’t forget that we can incorporate those into the design of the space as well. All children are going to eventually stop playing with the toys so make sure that you will be able to use the area once they have moved on.

Stop Waiting and Start Today

Regardless of the organization and storage solution you choose to go with in your child’s playroom they can all aid in stimulating their creativity and imagination by providing an area where they can turn off the TV, stop playing video games, and begin to play and learn!