If you are considering a custom closet we already know that you aren’t the type to go for builder grade or cookie cutter styles and finishes. We felt the same way when walking through numerous homes where if the closets had anything in them it was the generic white wire racks. This left us feeling uninspired and ready to move on to the next home. If you truly want a unique custom closet below are four items that are must haves in your design!

Custom Walk-in closet with center island and multiple storage areas

1) Versatility and Flexibility

Change is the only constant in life and because of that your closet needs to be able to be rearranged depending on the time of life you are currently in. This is a priceless asset for all homeowners and can even add to the resale value of your home as potential buyers will see how their belongings would fit in the space and not be locked into the layout you have chosen. This can be accomplished by having adjustable shelves for light summer wear or bulky winter clothes. Additional hanging rods are always a good addition as they can accommodate multiple types of items thus giving you flexibility and functionality to fully customize your space.

2) Think Wall-Space

When talking about homes we typically reference the square footage of the floor space but a well designed closet will take advantage of the room on walls as well as the floor to provide you with as much room as possible for all of your items. Shelving will maximize vertical space and can even be made as pull down shelves so that you can access items that would typically be out of reach. Other items include hanging racks, baskets, drawers, and tables that will organize your closet while having a place for all your shoes, clothes, and other accessories.

3) Custom Built-Ins

We know that you’ll agree that having built-in dressers and a chest of drawers incorporated into your bedroom closet is convenient and practical in your day to day life. Our custom solutions will minimize the amount of extra furniture needed in the room, which in turn will make the room feel larger by freeing up floor space. Also if you have an odd shaped closet we can build storage solutions that will maximize every square inch of the space. We can incorporate features such as clothes hampers, built-in accessory drawers, shoe shelves, and many other boutique closet features that will provide practical organizational solutions for your bedroom closet.

4) His and Hers Closets

I think we can all agree that sometimes we just need our own space and one area this can be done is by incorporating his and her closets into your floor plan. Doing this allows each person to customize the space to their personal style. If you only have one room to work with that is still ok! A professional custom closet and organization company can walk you through how to divide the area thus making distinct areas for each of you. On one side you can have custom accessories such as hanging racks for suits, shelves for sports and dress shoes, and tie and belt racks for the man of the home. For the woman of the house you can incorporate feminine touches such as a vanity table, plush rugs, pull out trays, and built-in shelves that can hold all of their clothes, shoes, and accessories.

What are you waiting for?

One thing a potential buyer will never complain about is well thought out storage space so by choosing Top Shelf Closet to create you custom bedroom closet you are increasing the value of your home while also adding organization into your life. It doesn’t matter if you have an odd shaped or corner closet there is a solution out there that will provide a better place to store your items. Contact us today to see what we can do to help design the closet of your dreams!