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We design, build and install custom design closets and closet organizers to help make more room and declutter your home.  We do bedrooms, laundry, office or hallway closet. No project is too small or big, simple or complex.


There’s a reason the kitchen is known to be the heart of the home, especially in Wilmington, NC.  It’s where the food is stored, prepared, made, and served to nourish the bodies of everyone who’s eating. 


If there isn’t enough storage in the house, the garage becomes the likely placement for seasonal or unused items. Often the garage becomes the dumping ground, taking too much space to park the car.


Are you looking for the best custom closet and storage system company in Wilmington, NC?  Well, you came to the right place!  Operating for over a decade, Top Shelf Closet builds high-quality, durable and unique custom closets, pantry, and garage storage for your home storage needs.  Offering a full line of premium materials– hardwoods, fiberboard and even cedar closet– we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction and a job well done. 

Our team of experts – consisting of project managers, interior designers, and contractors––all share the same goal of helping you organize and declutter your home.  After all, we wouldn’t be in this business if we didn’t understand the frustration of owning more things and having less space to store them.  For this reason, high functionality and maximum utilization is our mantra when designing new storage and organizational spaces.  We take pride in delivering the most productive storage systems possible, serving the Wilmington, Leland, Hampstead, and South Port areas.



At Top Shelf, we’re committed to our customers, delivering exceptional service and a smooth process from start to finish.  We value your business and find ourselves fortunate for being a guest in your home while serving your organization and storage needs.  You chose us, and we get that.  Therefore, going above and beyond is part of our work ethic and standards.  Also, we understand that money doesn’t grow on trees.  That’s why we’re always working within your budget, offering three different levels of product– entry, enhanced, and premium– with transparent pricing for the custom per foot of the installed area.

Custom Closets and Closet Organizers

We design, build and install custom design closets and closet organizers to help make more room and declutter your home.  Whether it’s a bedroom, laundry, office or hallway coat closet, no project is too small or big, simple or complex. Top Shelf gets the job done in a masterful, precise, and efficient way.  We come with many ideas to share for making your custom closet unique to your style and organizational storage needs.

Pantry Storage

Not all kitchens have enough space to store food and cookware, making custom-designed pantries a perfect solution.  With your vision in mind, we’ll guide you through the process of designing the ideal pantry for your kitchen storage needs.  Whether it’s shelving, a walk-in area, or a separate piece of furniture, our custom-designed pantries are sure to organize your kitchen for a more inspiring and functional cooking experience.

Garage Storage

If there isn’t enough storage in the house, the garage becomes the likely placement for seasonal or unused items. Often the garage becomes the dumping ground, taking too much space to park the car or have a designated area for your tools and workspace.   Top Shelf helps you utilize the garage in the best and most complete way through your vision and our craft, expertise and experience.

Custom Closets
Pantry Storage

At Top Shelf Closet, you can expect the most from us.  Going above and beyond, we guarantee you’ll love our work and the timely manner in which we finish.  No other East Coast custom closet competitor does it better than us as we’ve perfected our operation and the custom storage system process.  And, with the three packages we have available, we’ll always be able to stay within your budget, avoiding any financial surprises and


We’re not just any North Carolina closet company.  Top Shelf Closet is a one-stop-shop, specializing in custom-designed creative closets (in any room of the house), pantry, and garage storage.  We operate at an efficient and high level because all aspects of the business are handled in-house from estimation, design, manufacturing, and installation. We do it all!  This way, we’re ensuring no specifics get lost from outsourcing to different vendors, and the end product is exactly what our customers envisioned. We believe our business model is the best way for these reasons below:

Direct Communication

In manufacturing, problems come up all the time, especially with custom products.  The slightest issue can delay a whole project, so having everything in-house creates better communication and easier problem-solving.  Also, having direct contact with the manufacturing team, as opposed to phone calls or emails, makes for a speedy fix.  Therefore, communication is key to the success of any business, so why not keep it direct?

Quick Productivity

When all moving parts are in-house, the turnaround is much faster.  It’s common for products to either arrive late or coming in from all directions, causing major headaches for the customers.  Here at Top Shelf, multiple product shipments or scheduling conflicts aren’t a factor.  And, getting started almost right away is possible, once deciding everything and the manufacturing equipment is available.  We can usually get started within a week.  How quick is that!

Lower Costs

Moreover, in-house manufacturing saves you money by avoiding marked up retail prices on low to high-end products and materials.  Top Shelf Closet supplies everything you need, and the more you buy in quantity, the more you save.  So, there’s no reason to go anywhere else when you can get it all in one place.  Saving you time and money is a benefit when working with an in-house custom closet design and storage system company.  

Better Product Fit

Last but not least, working with a one-stop-shop offers you a better product fit.  Manufacturing each part of the product, the Top Shelf team has a better sense of how all the pieces fit together. Resulting in a more innovative and cohesive product, using various vendors––as opposed to in-house––couldn’t produce the same custom designs.  For most people, unique and stellar products are the most desirable, and a one-stop-shop can deliver.  It’s so fitting! 

Our custom closet, pantry, and garage storage solutions will surely impress you.


Home improvements can be a stressful experience for homeowners.  That’s why we enjoy creating a smooth, comfortable, and straightforward process for our customers.  So, here’s how it goes:

We come to you!

  • Once your call is received, one of our representatives will work with you to determine the time and date that best fits your schedule for a free home consultation.
  • Always arriving on time, we will listen to your storage needs and concerns and discuss your vision.
  • Then, after taking measurements of the area, we’ll share our custom design options in detail, offering you three packages to choose from that fits your budget. Add-on’s, such as extra drawers and cabinets, are up for discussion as well.
  • Once you’ve chosen the most suitable package, we’ll give you a free same-day estimate.
  • Once your closet is complete we will install or partner with someone like this local handyman Cleveland, OH to complete the installation.

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We put your vision on paper.

  • We love the designing part of our job. Creative problem-solving mixed with utilizing every inch of square footage is what we do best.  We’ll take your ideas, along with our contributions, and design a storage system of your dreams.
  • After you approve of the design, we send it to manufacturing.

We make your products.

  • Top Shelf begins working on your products when our manufacturing equipment is available, usually within one week.
  • Communication is key during this part of the process. We welcome all questions or concerns and will communicate if something isn’t clear.  We prefer getting it right the first time!

It’s time for the installation. 

  • After making the products, we install them almost immediately. Our Top Shelf crew arrives on time every day and cleans-up thoroughly before leaving.  We treat your home as perfect guests, leaving it better than we found it.
  • Depending on the size of the project, some take only a few days and others a few weeks.
  • At completion, we’ll take payment and leave you 100% satisfied.
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